Highway Kiss

Work in Progress


Free adaptation of a story by Brazilian playwright Nelson Rodrigues.


Highway Kiss

Two couples:

Harry – Baritone
Magdalen – Lyrical Soprano
Josh – Tenor
Anna – Mezzo Soprano


Scene 1. Intro: Intense highway music, high speed emotion.
Scene 2 – Song:

Loving the Highway

Love in the highway.
Love in the curves
Love in the sunshine
over a mountain curve

The four characters are in the car, two couples, front and back seats.

Scene 3 – The Accident
Voice of announcer, playback, radio sound:
– They are rich, they are beautiful; they are happy. they decided to try the ultimate trill, a highspeed kiss on the highway.

The two couples kiss, with their eyes closed, as the car glides by.

He is driving, suddenly turns back front, his voice comes out very slow, at low pitch glissandi in quarter tones, as if in slow motion camera, through the impact of the accident, with high pitched long clusters.

-I have a problem!
-Fuck! the curve!

The bodies of the four characters spin around and are thrown to the ground in different corners.

Josh: (trembling, barely walking among the wreckage of the accident)
– Oh my, Oh, my…

Josh picks up unconscious Harry, whose eyes are bleeding profusely, Josh kisses Harry’s mouth, passionately, desperately.
The two ladies slowly approach from behind, from different corners, simultaneously.

M & N:

Scene 4
The Wedding, the two couples are getting married on the same ceremony. Harry is now blind. They will be living in the old house of the two sisters.

– In love we trust
– Amem!
– In the name of the father.
– Yes, I do.
– In Love we go.
– Yes I do.
– And where do I go?
– I’ll take you there.
– The world is so dark.
– I’ll see you there.
– Oh just for a toast.
– I’ll take you there.
– O my, oh my dress
– I’ll see you there.
– Yes, I do
– I do
– I do

– Come dance with me.

Radio voices playback, two old ladies:

– They will live at the sister’s mansion. If it weren’t for the money left by their parents, Harry will be receiving a fortune from the insurance. I heard that there was an issue with the seat-belts…

(Couples stumble at each other, as Harry can’t see wherefore he dances enthusiastically.)