Brazilian Jazz Bassoon Concerto

Dedicated to Daniel Smith.

This commission features the bassoon player in an orchestral setting with strong emphasis on upbeat percussive atmospheres and emotional settings for improvisation.

  • The score for this concerto was finished in November 2016, one month before the passing of Daniel Smith. I have faith that this was his parting gift to the world of music and to me in particular. In fact, the improvisations featured in the MP3 demo were the last notes he ever recorded.
  • We had orchestras lined up for the premiere and I had to reply to conductors with the sad news that we would need to postpone the Concerto until a suitable soloist could be found.

Here you can download the MP3 demo and score.


Brazilian-Jazz Concerto

For Bassoon and Orchestra

Aprox: 20min.

Music By: João MacDowell

1st Movement: Baile – Sonata Vivo. 

2nd Movement: Serenata – Toada-Aria Largo 

3rd Movement: Roda – Rondo Alegro


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