Malagueta Trio

Trio Malagueta 1

Malagueta is a very strong kind of pepper from Brazil. Tiny but mighty.

We really enjoy making music together.

I’ve been playing with Jeremy for a few years, we have collaborated on a number of projects. We had been thinking about a small ensemble with a wide scope of sound, to play original compositions with a Brazilian popular flavor in a chamber environment. Only in the last year we found the perfect complement, when we met Uka who had just moved to NY from Pernambuco, Brazil.

  • Uka Gameiro – Percussion
  • Jeremy Lamb – Violoncello
  • João MacDowell – Guitar, Vocals

Check it out:


The song Escher was based on an arbitrary rhythm, built on the prime number 13. It was originally to portray NY and a character from Tamanduá, the opera. The challenge with the trio was to play it like it was a folk beat from the back-lands of Brazil.


The next song, O Mercador/The Headlines, is a song from my first solo album. I keep recording new versions of it, it’s fun to play and it has a lot of space for interesting things to happen.


trio at Bea 2