List of Works

Opera repertoire:
The Seventh Seal – adapted from the script by Ingmar Bergman.
2 Acts – 2h 30min
Language: Swedish or English.
The full version will premiere in 2018 in Sweden and Brazil.
Cast (7): coloratura sop, lyric sop, dramatic sop, mezzo (or baritone), lyric tenor, dramatic tenor, bass-baritone
Orchestra: 3fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2 bs, 2 hr, 2tp, 3tb, timp, 3 perc, strings. Plus Chorus.
Chamber version: piano, violin, cello, viola, horn, trumpet, percussion.
Cries and Whispers – inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s film
2 Acts: 1h15min
Language: English and Portuguese
Cast (3): coloratura sop, lyric sop, mezzo.
Chamber arrangement: piano, cello and percussion
Orchestral version: strings and percussion
The Twitter Trilogy (Very Short Operas)
3 operas: under 2 minutes
1 – LIFE: 20 sec.
2 – DEATH: 40 sec
3 – HOPE: 30sec
Language: English
Cast (4) Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, Baritone.
Orchestration: 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bs, 2 hr, 2 tp, 2tb, timp, strings.

Monodrama in 2 Acts – 1h 20min.
For solo mezzo
Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish (Italian in development)
Orchestration: 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bs, 2 hr, 2 tp, 3tb, timp, 1 perc, strings, plus soundscapes playback
Chamber versions:
– Piano and electronics
– Electronics and cello
– Piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, timpani, percussion, string quintet, plus soundscapes playback.

Projection art and soundscapes available for new productions.

Tamandua (The Ant-Eater – a Brazilian opera)
3 Acts: 2h40min
Languages: Portuguese and English
Cast (5): sop, mezzo, 2 tenors, baritone.
Orchestra: 2fl, 1ob, 1cl, 1bs, 2hr, 2tp, 2tb, tba timp, 3 perc, strings. Plus Chorus.
Chamber version: Piano, cello and percussion.

Symphonic Orchestra

A Brazilian Concerto for Orchestra (Conceto Brasileiro para Orquestra)(2017) (2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bs, 2hr, 2tp, 2tb, timp, 3 prc, strings.

Brazilian Jazz Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra. (20min). Comission dedicated to Daniel Smith (DECA/Deutsche Grammophon Artist) To be premiere in 2017. By the Unicamp Symphonic Orchestra. 3 Movements. Winds: 2 flutes (1 doubles on piccolo), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, solo bassoon; brass: 2, 2, 2; timpani plus 2 percussions; strings.

Sinfonia n.1 – Um Sonho Brasileiro.  (25 min) Premiered March 28th, 2014. National Theater Orchestra: Orquestra Sinfonica do Teatro Nacional de Brasília. Brasilia, Brazil. Conducted by Claudio Cohen. Winds: 2, 2, 2, 2 (piccolo and flute) brass: 4, 2, 2, 1; timpani plus 3 percussions; strings. Published by Come Together Music NY and Humaitá Musica – Rio de Janeiro. Video recordings available on youtube and through public domain:

Dentes de Guinga (2012, New York – 5 min) Carnival Overture. Winds: 2,2,2,2 (piccolo, flute, oboe, English horn, Eb clarinet, Bb clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon); brass: 4,2,2,1; timpani plus 2 percussions, harp, piano; strings:  10, 8, 6, 6, 4. Recorded by the Juilliard Students Orchestra. Conducted by Daniel Ott.

Solo Albums

Alice in Miami (2007, Philadelphia – 32 min) 4 Song EP of original compositions. Come Together Music. Premiered at The Tin Angel, Philadelphia. USA and Brazilian tours. Voice, guitar, percussion, cello and live electronics.


Quarteto (2003, Rio de Janeiro – 36 min) – 8 Song EP of original compositions. Qualquer Nota Records. Premiered at Fenac, Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian tour. Voice, guitar, piano, electric bass and drum kit.

 O Caixeiro Viajante e a Caixa de Música – The Traveling Man and His Music Box (2002, Rio de Janeiro – 48 min) – 14 Song CD of original compositions.  Qualquer Nota Records. Premiered at Teatro Nelson Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro.  USA and Brazilian tours. Voice, guitar, electric bass, rhodes piano, percussion, drum kit, cavaquinho, saxophone, trumpet, live electronics.

Parece Que Existo (2000, Rio de Janeiro – 38 min) 11 Song CD of original compositions.  Qualquer Nota Records. Premiered at Beco das Garrafas, Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian Tour. Voice, Guitar, percussion and live electronics. Nominated for Latin Grammy – Best Song: A Chuva.


A Serpente – film by Lais Resende (2017)

A Ilha film by Lais Resende (work in progress)

Desabafo (2015, Rio de Janeiro 92 min) Feature film, drama. Directed by Marcio Venturi.

• ESPN broadcast of FIFA World Cup 2014. Official soundtrack licensed to 67 countries. Ten orchestral movements commissioned by Disney-ESPN under music direction of Claude Mitchel. Produced by the composer, recorded at Flores studios, Brasilia and at Come Together Music Studio NY. Published by Disney-ESPN.

• Parece Que Existo (2012, Brasília – 73 min) Biographical documentary about composer. Directed by Mario Salimon. Best Film and Best Soundtrack awards at the 45º Festival Nacional do Cinema Brasileiro. Brasília, DF, 2012.

Mar Morto – film by Rodrigo Aragão (2013)

Inside and Outside (2012 Miami – 20 min continuous loop) Soundtrack for art installation by Simone Porto. Multitrack surround soundscape for pre recorded processed sounds from the body. Sen’sôrea exhibit, Buena Vista Building, Miami, FL.

• My Pantanal (2011. New York – 10 min) Soundtrack for film. Directed by Andrea Heidlauf. Commissioned by Panthera Foundation. Best Kids Film award at the Wild Talk South Africa – Roscars, Cape Town. Best Kids Film award at the Montana Wild life Festival (both 2011).

• Oanarhythms (2011, New York – 60 min) Modal fantasy in single movement. Through-composed soundtrack for synchronized massage meditation by Karen Yanco. Composition features extensive collaborative research on the correspondence of modes, pitch classes, timbres and rhythms for each chakra and  part of the body. For guitar, piano, electric bass, cello, percussion, didgeridoo and voices. USA tour. Performances with pre-recorded track and live didgeridoo and percussion.

Barry White – Guided by Destiny (2005, New York – 25 min) Soundtrack for Theater Play directed by Emmit Trower. Westside Theater 43rd St.

Cartoon Physics (2004, New York – 20 min) Soundtrack for interactive animation directed by John Dilworth. Commissioned by The Philadelphia Science Museum, Pennsylvania. 

Greyhound to Cuba (2003, New York – 140 min) Soundtrack for film directed by Graham Elliot.

A Deusa (2002, Rio de Janeiro – 40 min) Soundtrack for multimedia event and CD Rom by Cila MacDowell, video-artist, presented at the Electronic Language International Festival. Sao Paulo.

Tecido Marinho (2000, Rio de Janeiro – 22 min)  Soundtrack for Circus Performance. Scored for solo voices and chamber orchestra – amplified (string quintet: 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, plus flute doubling piccolo, clarinet, trumpet doubling flugelhorn, trombone and two percussionists.) Premiered at Escola Nacional de Circo. European and Latin-American Tours, performed with track. Winner of Best Sountrack Prize at the Festival Internacional de Circo, Belo Horizonte, 2002.

Féssoas (1998, Brasília – 22 min) Soundtrack for Film. Directed by Mauro Giuntinni. Best film award XXIII Guarnicê Festival de Cinema de São Luís do Maranhão, 1999

Rosagrana (1998, Brasília – 6 min) Soundtrack for film. Directed by Katcha Donida.


Miasmas da Mente (2003 – Teatro Nelson Rodrigues – 40 min.) for paper, buckets, springs and recycled metal percussion. Bienal de Dança Contemporânea do Rio de Janeiro – Teatro Carlos Gomes).

Chonogranomaquina (2003 – Teatro Nelson Rodrigues – 18 min) for percussion, cello, voices,  and amplified sound from the dancers’ bodies. 

Rizoma (2002 – Teatro Nelson Rodrigues – 36 min) for piano solo. 

Cerimônia de Casamento (2002 – Teatro Nelson Rodrigues – 40 min) for percussion, microphones and sound processors.

Não Espelho (2001 – Teatro Nelson Rodrigues – 36 min) for voices, percussion, trumpet and analog tape with live manipulation. 

Baldes (2001 – Teatro Nelson Rodrigues – 44 min) for water, microphones and sound processors. Bienal de Dança Contemporânea do Rio de Janeiro – Teatro Carlos Gomes).

Plim -1999 (Brasília – Teatro Sala Martins Pena – 12 min) For percussion, piano and voices of dancers. Grupo Endança. Choreographer: Márcia Duarte.

Chamber Music:

Cries and Whispers – Instrumental Suite (2015, Fårö, Sweden, 12 min) One movement for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and cello. Premiered by the Gotland Winds plus Henning Fredrickson on cello. Commissioned by the Bergman Center for the opening ceremony of Bergman Week 2015, at Fårö Kirka.

Serialism is not Dead. (2014, New York, 12 min) Three movements: Serial Breakfast, Serial Numbers and Serial Killer. For Piano Solo. Recorded by Jinjia Lin.

Serialism is not Dead. Also available for wind trio: flute, clarinet and bassoon

Serialism is not Dead. Also available for string trio: violin, viola, cello.


• Dancing And Snarling – (3 min) for violin and viola.

• Dark Layers, Bright Lights – (4 min) for bass, bassoon and marimba.

• String Quartet n.1 – (12 min) for 2 violins, viola, and cello.

• Metric Madness  (4 min) for solo piano (performed by Lisa More).

• The Moon is Spinning – (3 min) Art song for tenor or soprano voice and piano.

• String Octet n.1 – (4 min) for 4 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos.

• Wind Octet n.1 – (4 min) for flute, clarinet, 2 bassoons, 2 trumpets and 2 trombones.

• Weaving (4 min) for solo piano (read by Lisa More)

• Um Borococho no Balacobaco (2005, Rio de Janeiro – 12 min) for string quartet, 2 percussionists, guitar, mandolin, oboe and clarinet. Commissioned by Grupo Nova Musica. (Rio de Janeiro – Teatro Sala Cecília Meireles)

Lanterna (2002, Rio de Janeiro – 8 min) Electronic composition for synthesizers, samplers and processed violin. Selected for presentation at the Lucky Strike Lab, Contemporary Music Festival. Rio de Janeiro. 

Ruas (1999, Brasília – 22 min) 6 Movement Fantasy for mixed ensemble: Cello, Bass, clarinet, trumpet, piano, percussion, synthesizer and pre-recorded tape loops. Premiered at Universidade de Brasilia, Teatro Carlos Gomes. Brasilia.

No Desespero do Abismo (1998, Brasília – – 4 Movement Chamber Suite for Bass, Cello, Oboe, Clarinet and Piano. Premiered at 24º Festival de Verão da Escola de Música de Brasília, Teatro Levindo de Alcãntara. Brasilia.