Here you can get info and updates about the composition work of Joao MacDowell in the opera genre.

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We are the International Brazilian Opera Company (iBoc), seeking new expression in the operatic genre and fostering collaborations between living Brazilian and international artists.



Photo by Suzana Dobal

Photo by Suzana Dobal

I have been writing operas, and thinking a lot about operas. I have been collecting stories. I have been taking notes about stories, characters, bits of music, phrases, lines…

Tamanduá – a Brazilian opera.

Plastic Flowers – a monodrama.

Cries and Whispers

A Trilogy – short operas for the Twitter age

The Seventh Seal

You will find information about the operas I have finished, audio and video recordings, and ideas for future operas.

Also posts with thoughts about the genre, like:

Why Opera

The Tradition of Brazilian Opera

How to write an opera




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