FIFA World Cup – 2014 ESPN Broadcast



Joao Caixeiro


Early in 2014 I got a call from ESPN music director Claude Mitchell, who wanted to commission an orchestrated soundtrack for the broadcast of the World Cup in Brazil.

He was looking for instrumentals that went beyond the stereotypes of “Sports Music.” I had total freedom to create these tracks flowing my own instincts, and some basic guidelines regarding mood and tempo.

Here are some samples from the 12 instrumental cues that were made available for ESPN use in their broadcast to 61 countries.


Uka Gameiro on percussion
James Strauss on flute
Medina Crystal on Clarinet
Denise Reis on Vocals
Luigi Porto as recording engineer
Maxim Laskavy as mixing engineer


  • Special Thank you:

to Jose Flores and Paulo Paulista who had me in their homes while I wrote all of the music and to Gabriel Nava Rodrigues and Athena Azevedo for the invaluable support and feedback.