Production Studio

Come Together Studio

Music happens here.

This is a personal studio that also serves outside clients. Designed for a creative vibe in an intimate setting, this studio has been home to many high quality professional releases, including the ESPN soundtrack for the 2014 FIFA World Cup broadcast.




Live Room.

Our beautiful Yamaha Baby Grand is also a Disclavier model, so we can record both audio and midi from it. That can be really useful in finding the ideal blend on a mix.

…everybody loves my baby.

I live in the live room.

There’s a nice collection of guitars here.  Instruments to cover a wide range of styles, Including a hollow body electric bass, a violin, a mandolin, some Brazilian cavaquinhos, two melodions, and a 10-string viola caipira.

There’s a plethora of percussion instruments here, mostly from Latin, Brazilian and African traditions; all sorts of shakers, rattles, ocean drums and rain-sticks, bongos, darbuka, jembe…

…and a collection of ethnic bells and bird whistles.

We also have a set of vintage electronic instruments, including Roland TB-303,  TR-606, Korg Rhythm 55B, mini-mono synth, X3 synth, analog effects, such as the Delta Lab’s Effectron, Lexicon’s Jam Man…

and some hand made Brazilian electronic drums, toy synthesizers…it’s funky stuff.

Control Room.

Mixes may be provided in stereo or 5.1 surround.

Our monitoring system has six sets of speakers, including vintage Yamahas NS344, original Auratones, Wharfedales, JBLs, all ready to make sure the sound of the mix is consistent anywhere you go.

Vocal Booth.

Tight and controlled: the vocal booth sounds good with the door open, or closed for super intimate vocals. It is also a nice spot to record instruments like violin, cello and the acoustic guitars. The stereo mics with matching omni capsules work really well there. We get a lot of natural stereo field over a wide frequency range, not much need for post-processing.

There’s a sweet sounding mic cabinet, with a variety of vintage mics, including 2 matching stereo pairs of Rødes, with optional omini capsules, AKG 414, and a dual tube Gemini Mic.


The live room, with the baby grand piano, is completely wired into the control room, with 8 balanced feeds and a set of headphone amps. The room is acoustically ready for live recording and it has been used to record mixed trios, piano duos, string quartets and percussion ensembles.

Sound treatment both in the control room and in the vocal booth was done under professional AES standards, for a super clean and vibrant sound, but also preserving a sense of intimacy, funky atmosphere, and a magic creative environment seldom found in big studios.

Since I am primarily a composer, the studio is mostly used for my own production work and that of artists I am personally connected to. We also do a fair amount of independent soundtracks. On a reasonable budget we can double sampled instruments with real string players and other live musicians – that really adds a lot of life to a track.

Studio Photography: Dan deCarvalho.

Please contact and book a meeting so we can talk about your project and make music.

Also check the Record Producer page for some reference of recent albums I worked on, mostly recorded here. You might want to listen to some of my Brazilian Pop too, for a variety of things we can do.

That is Central Park behind the piano, though it’s just a wash of light in this photo, it’s always nice to be so close to it. 🙂

We are on West 111th St. in Manhattan, South of Harlem, a block from the C/B and the 2/3 trains.

snow in Central Park

Snow in Central Park

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