Luigi Porto preparing “Plastic Flowers” soundscapes.

Luigi Porto is currently preparing the Live Electronics part for “Plastic Flowers“. This is one of the main aspects of the pre-production work that is taking place for this new contemporary  opera.

The Italian composer, sound designer, electronic musician and music critic Luigi Porto has collaborated with Joao MacDowell on a number of commercial and independent projects.

Luigi Porto has worked for European film directors such as Vittorio De Seta, Rocco Papaleo, Carlo Fusco, Gjerji Xhuvani, Matteo Vicino, Nathan Cole (Canada). His most recent work is the soundtrack for the film “L’apocalisse delle Scimmie” by Romano Scavolini (Nightmare, Two Days).

Luigi talks about this new opera:

Plastic Flowers” is a kind of byzantine downbeat-sensitive psychodrama that proceeds inexorably. Its hieratic melodies and harmonic textures seem to stand still, while the listener may feel like circumnavigating the opera – just to discover, at the end, that the music was slowly embracing him like a spider. The dialogue between the acoustic and the electronic score is a war between conscious and sub-conscious, with the soundscapes sometimes being trapped as small insects inside the web that Penelope is weaving”.

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