Tonton Macoute

This was my first band.

O Bicho Papão do Planalto.

Tonton Macoute was like the Haitian Gestapo, the boogeyman. I guess in true post-punk fashion we picked a name that was somehow cute but also a bit scary. A sweet name for a horrible militia.

Our first album will be re-released this year through GRV discos, as part of the project i-Raridades. They won the first prize for a government grant to preserve the cultural memory of Brasilia. Good job!

Tonton Macoute was:

  • João MacDowell: vocals, programming.
  • Cláudia Otero: keyboards, piano, vocals.
  • Maurício Lagos: bass
  • Flama Mossri: trumpet
  • Tida Couto: percussion
  • Dedé: bass

You can read a review (in Portuguese) and also listen to some tracks at: Overmundo.