Record Producer

It’s a great thing to work on the albums of so many amazing artists.

I think I developed my production skills just so I could help myself and to be independent. Soon I realized that I could help other artists to record their music too. I had already produced a few albums in Brazil, but I really polished my skills when I moved to Philadelphia and started working at Aurum Studios, under British engineer Paul Atkinson. In New York I learned a lot from working at No-Mystery and Boondog Studios, with the great guitarist Alex deCarvalho.

I think I am a “hands off” kind of producer, I try to listen a lot and only fill in on areas where it may be necessary. I try to really grasp the vision of the artist. Sometimes that means sitting back and just touching an EQ, or just be there with attention to notice when a song hits that sweet spot. Sometimes it’s very evolved, in situations where I get to arrange, program and play many instruments, contribute to the writing. It’s always new, two days of recording are never the same, there’s always a chance to try something different.

Today I have my own production studio in Uptown Manhattan.

A friend told me it’s my rising zodiac sign in Libra: I find it easy to be balanced with other people’s music, but really hard when it’s my own. 🙂


These are some artists definitely worth checking:

You might also want to check my solo albums of Brazilian Pop, as they were all self-produced and there’s a wide range of styles there. There’s also a player there that will deliver full tracks. All albums available on itunes and other digital stores.

Photo: Dan deCarvalho