Alice in Miami

This is an EP, I produced in Philadelphia, at Aurum Recording Studios, while we worked on so many great albums there. The title song is a house track, for the dance floor, co-produced with Maxim Laskawi. “O Tucano” is a drum n bass track, in two versions.


available on itunes.


Enjoy the music:



  • Alice in Miami – dance-house, co-produced by Max Laskawi.
  • O Tucano – drum n bass samba, co-produced by Paul Atkinson.
  • Indiara – Brazilian mantra, the witche’s theme from the opera Tamanduá, featuring Helena Espwal on Cello and Lydia Witman as fem chorus.
  • O Tucano – extended mix.



I thought it was my goodbye to pop music, but I might be feeling the bug again.