Brazilian Pop

My first band “Tonton Macoute” was labeled “Experimental Pop” by the press. I guess that classification was derived from the local post-punk scene, where we emerged. We certainly thought of ourselves as many other things as well. We were drawn to Brazilian folk rhythms, contemporary classical music techniques and new possibilities derived from electronic instruments. Our first album will be re-released in 2012, as part of the “i-Raridades” project, by GRV Records.

Solo Discography

1 – Parece que Existo – Fusion-pop (studio album. Rio de Janeiro, QqnotaRecords2000)

2 – The Traveling Man and His Music Box – O Caixeiro Viajante e a Caixa de Música –  Lounge, bossa pop (studio album. Rio de Janeiro, Tratore2002)

3 – Quarteto –  Brazilian jazz (live in the studio. Rio de Janeiro, ComeTogetherMusic2004)

4 – Alice em Miami – Ambient, house and drum n’ bass. (produced in Philadelphia, ComeTogetherMusic2007)

I guess “World Music” remains the broadest category that seems to encompass it all. I think it’s all MPB (musica ppular brasileira).

These are currently available on iTunes and other digital stores. Enjoy.


Here’s a player where you can listen to full songs from these albums:


Here’s a video for the song “Kaleidoscopic Eyes”, from the album “Quarteto“:

Filmed by Daniel Zarvos, edited by Claudio Mattos.


And a video for the song “A Chuva” (The Rain),

from “The Traveling Man and His Music Box/O Caixeiro Viajante e a Caixa de Música“:

Video directed by Daniel Zarvos. Art by Alex Laurentino.

Check the albums on Tunecore.

Música Pop Brasileira.

Photo by Dan deCarvalho


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