Cries and Whispers – Instrumental Suite

In 2015 I was on the island of Fårö, for my second stay as an artist in residence at the Ingmar Bergman Estate. I had finished my third opera “Cries and Whispers”, inspired by the film of the same name. The director of Bergman Center, Helen Linné, wanted to present the full opera during Bergman Week, which was not possible for practical reasons. She then proposed an instrumental with themes from the work, for wind quintet and cello. I was honored to have this piece presented as the main feature in the opening ceremony, at the church, on the ground of which the director lies buried. This was an emotional performance for me, scenes from it and its rehearsals can be seen in the documentary “A Ilha” by Lais de Azeredo and Pedro Urano.

Here you can listen to the complete piece and follow the score.