The Traveling Man

O Caixeiro Viajante e a Caixa de Música.

The Traveling Man and His Music Box.

Rio de Janeiro, 2002.

I had been touring a lot by myself, so I tried to keep format  simple, recording the small electronic devices, the tiny percussion instruments and the guitar that I was traveling with.  Some amazing friends who contributed to the album include Rodrigo Maranhão, the guys from Bangalafumenga, Caue Leal and Quito Pedrosa.


Capa The Traveling Man

The Traveling Man and His Music Box – CD Layout

Here’s a video for the song “A Chuva” (The Rain):
directed by Daniel Zarvos.
Art by Alex Laurentino.
Assistant videographer: Giovanna Giovannini.
Guest actors: Adriana Viegas, Caroline Diniz, Jacqueline Esteves, Xandi Cruz.