Documentary Available online!

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Director Mario Salimon made the documentary “Parece Que Exito” available on youtube today! This film won Best Film and Best Soundtrack on the Brasilia Film Festival 2012, Mostra Brasilia. Check it out.

Featuring: Cila MacDowell, Claudia Otero, Flama Mossri, Mauricio Lagos,Mauro Giuntini, Jeremy Lamb, Uka Gameiro, Daniel Smith, Jeremy Brauner, Mia Pafumi, Alex Houser, Micha Haran, Kimberly Prins Moeller, Paige Sandusky,Brittany Silver, Abby Powell, Claudio Mascarenhas, Guto Bittencourt, Amy Buckley, Jorge Amorim, Cascão, Joao Rochael Alcantara, Gabriel Thomaz,Pedro Hiena, Dedé, Paulo Paulista, Paulo Coelho Avila, Patrick Grosner, Ricardo Junqueira, Nick El-moor, Cesar Mendes, and more.

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