FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil – ESPN soundtrack

Maracana Aerial

Yesterday we got final approval for the ESPN soundtrack for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Here is a little sample of it. This is the first of ten instrumental cues that I wrote for the event, to be broadcast to 61 countries.

Ontem fechei a trilha pra transmissão da ESPN da Copa do Mundo. Aqui está um baiãozinho.

James Strauss on flute
Uka Gameiro on percussion
Luigi Porto as recording engineer
Maxim Laskavy as mixing engineer

Thank you:
toJose Flores and Paulo Paulista who had me in their homes while I wrote all of the music and to Gabriel Nava Rodrigues and Athena Azevedo for the invaluable support and feedback.


Listen to More tracks at the ESPN FIFA World Cup Soundtrack page.