Han Chen on piano for Plasic Flowers

Introducing young virtuoso pianist Han Chen who will be performing the demanding piano part of Plastic Flowers.

Han Chen has impressed everyone on the Plastic Flowers creative team with his technical skills, precise sight-reading of complex passages and true romantic expression.  Han Chen is an undergraduate at Juilliard School of Music, and we are lucky to have him in this production. I believe he is a pianist who will leave a mark on his generation.

Han Chen is also a remarkable composer; his understanding of contemporary music makes him an ideal collaborator for this production. He can vary his piano interpretation from fluid and romantic to precise and mechanical, and all the gradations in between, according to the  dramatic needs of the musical moment in the opera.

This young pianist was chosen after a very competitive audition process. It was not an easy choice. He was the most impressive pianist we heard, as well as an easy and humble personality, always pleasant to be around.

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