Last Week of Auditions for “Plastic Flowers”

If you are a working Mezzo Soprano in the New York City area, this could be the role of a lifetime.

All candidates at this stage should perform a video test of Scene 1.

Ideally you want to schedule some time in my studio uptown Manhattan to record your reading.
We will also look at videos submitted online.
Please download pdf file and mp3 playback of the music for scene 1.
Have read the full libretto.

Be ready to answers the following questions:

– Why do you want to work on this opera?
– How do you see the character Penelope?
– What do you bring into her interpretation? Why should we cast you?
– What do you think about the composer’s work?
– Are you available to work towards a concert Premiere in December 2012?

Good Luck!


Illustration by Bebel Franco