Since I started writing operas I found myself paying attention to stories that could be set to music. I listen to stories, I read them, I try to find hidden stories under the meaningless speech of everyday life. I keep stories in a large storage space that I have inside […]

I Collect Stories

The operatic aria developed from the song form. The aria da capo was preponderant in early baroque opera and for much of the classical period. The ABA form was sometimes criticized because the repetition did not always make sense in the dramatic flow. It is a situation where the musical […]

About Opera

Opera has a way of mixing life touching stories with melodies that stay with us. Opera is the ultimate arrogance of art, and so it fails. Opera is chic, elegant, fine seductive. Opera is the charm of our time. Opera makes sense in a multidisciplinary world of art. Opera is […]

Why Opera? – 1a

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