Plastic Flowers – MP3 of Premiere Available for Backers!

We posted a link to the audio recording from last night’s première. Exclusive to our Kickstarter backers.

Penelope factory

The Penelope Factory. Photo by Alexandra Filipe

We are all very happy about the performance last night.

Thank you all who came, and those who are supporting us in the distance, you are fantastic!

Awesomeness Thank you to Abby Powell, Han Chen, Luigi Porto, Alexandra Filipe, Simona DeFeo, George J Lee, Junia Flavia d’Affonseca, Britney Crosby, David Del Tredici, Samuel Zyman, Angellos Ioannis Malefakis, Neil Rynston.

I was very happy with the performance, it was emotional, it was real. The performers displayed their expertise at a very high artistic level. I have heard the recording all the way through and I am glad to be able to share it. It is a picture, true to the moment.

Today we can fix anything in the studio, any song can be photoshop-perfect, we will do that for you. Right now this audio is about the perfect emotion of the moment. In a way this has something to do with the theme of the opera. This mp3 file is like a garden flower, it may not last forever, but it made me very happy today. I want to share that.


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