Brazilian Music

We are working hard to build a new opera company that fosters collaboration from artists of all backgrounds. We have a wonderfully diverse team of people working on this and we would love to have your support! Check our Kickstarter campaign! PLEDGE NOW! Check links for recent articles about iboc: […]

IBOC in the press.

  Mourning for Nelson Mandela, I think about how I have always been interested to know more about South Africa. There are many places in the world that I would like to visit. However, my musical instincts keep making me think about South Africa, for the vocal tradition and for the […]

From Brazil to South Africa

My sister, video artist extraordinaire Cila MacDowell is preparing the projection materials for our new opera: “Plastic Flowers.” So, we are looking for images from the female universe: girl’s bedrooms, untied beds, objects that sign for the presence of couples, wedding cakes, flowers, valentine flowers, wedding flowers, funeral flowers, cemeteries, […]

Send us Feminine Images for “Plastic Flowers”!