Swedish journalist Jannike Ånlund, one of the smartest people I have ever met, paused on her lunch, looked at me from across the table, and asked: “Why do you dedicate so much effort to opera, when it seems to be a dying genre?” Of course my usual reply to […]

Opera is the Art Form of the Future

  In September 2014 iBoc produced a staged preview of the opera Plastic Flowers at the Vidigal community in Rio de Janeiro. We needed a piano for the performances. This is a documentary of the effort to bring the piano to the theater. A tribute to all the people who […]

Um Piano No Vidigal

Flores de Plástico – Ópera estreia no  Vidigal 05 de setembro, 20h – 07 de setembro, 17h Teatro do Vidigal Ingressos R$20   Uma ópera contemporânea tem suas primeiras apresentações no teatro da comunidade do Vidigal. O piano sobe o morro e se une ao DJ e ao canto para […]

Flores de Plástico – Prévia no Vidigal!

  First news about “Cries and Whispers” (Viskningar och Rop) on Swedish Radio Culture News: Kulturnytt. Looking forward to this partnership with director Håkan Lindhé.  Read the interview: Kulturnytt.     Featuring Maestro Néviton Barros, singers Shana Grossman, Alexandra Filipe and Brooke Larimer. Instrumentalists: YinJia Lin, Uka Gameiro,Rachel Scarpati, Julia Kost and Luigi Porto.  

Cries and Whispers on Swedish Radio Culture News: Kulturnytt.

Boston Metropolitan Opera BMO Merit Award This award recognizes works that demonstrate unusual content, a unique voice, and/or distinctive compositional talent. Recipient works will receive performances, as part of Boston Metro Opera’s regular season.      Boston Metropolitan Opera: The Boston International Contempo Festival. General Director: Christopher A Smith   […]

Tamanduá Receives BMO Merit Award

Here is a video of a concert preview of “Cries and Whispers”, the opera (Viskningar och rop – Gritos e Sussurros). Thanks to this new work I will be spending the month of July as a resident artist in the Ingmar Bergman Estate in the island of Fårö, Sweden.   For the […]

Residency at the Bergman Estate on Fårö

Yesterday we got final approval for the ESPN soundtrack for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Here is a little sample of it. This is the first of ten instrumental cues that I wrote for the event, to be broadcast to 61 countries. Ontem fechei a trilha pra transmissão da […]

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil – ESPN soundtrack

  I am very happy to be in Campinas this week for performances of my Symphony n.1 – Um Sonho Brasileiro. The Orquestra Sinfônica da UniCamp is a professional orquestra dedicated to the performance of works documented by the CIDDIC (Centro de Integração Documentação e Difusão Cultural da UniCamp.) The institution has […]

This week: Orquestra Sinfônica da UniCamp

– Thank you all for the wonderful support you have been providing! – Agradeço a todos pelo lindo apoio! Next week the Symphony N.1 – Um Sonho Brasileiro will be performed in Campinas: Orquestra Sinfônica da UniCamp conducted by Cinthia Alireti:   • 03/04 Auditório do Departamento do Medicina da UniCamp. • […]

Symphony in Campinas – Sao Paulo

Director Mario Salimon made the documentary “Parece Que Exito” available on youtube today! This film won Best Film and Best Soundtrack on the Brasilia Film Festival 2012, Mostra Brasilia. Check it out. Featuring: Cila MacDowell, Claudia Otero, Flama Mossri, Mauricio Lagos,Mauro Giuntini, Jeremy Lamb, Uka Gameiro, Daniel Smith, Jeremy Brauner, Mia Pafumi, Alex Houser, Micha Haran, Kimberly Prins Moeller, Paige Sandusky,Brittany Silver, Abby Powell, Claudio Mascarenhas, Guto Bittencourt, Amy […]

Documentary Available online!

Lots of performances of new music coming up: _____________________________________________ iBoc – International Brazilian Opera company Debut. March 7&8th – New York City Baruch’s Engelman Recital Hall. 8pm Tickets available at: brazilianopera.peatix.com   We will be presenting scenes from 4 operas from 3 living composers! Including our favorite arias from Tamanduá and […]

Agenda for March and April!

Thanks to you we have just reached the funding goal for the March 2014 iBoc Debut Concerts. Yes! You are helping us to launch a movement that will create opportunities for artists of all kinds. There is still plenty we can still achieve. Keep in mind that this funding goal […]

Thank You! Obrigado! Grazie! Danke! Arigato!

We are working hard to build a new opera company that fosters collaboration from artists of all backgrounds. We have a wonderfully diverse team of people working on this and we would love to have your support! Check our Kickstarter campaign! PLEDGE NOW! Check links for recent articles about iboc: […]

IBOC in the press.

The best news I got this week is that my First Symphony got picked up to be premiered in 2014 by a wonderful Brazilian Orchestra: UniCamp. Happy New Year! Check PDF and info about the Sinfonia n.1 – Um Sonho Brasileiro . [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/8894348″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Happy 2014!

  Mourning for Nelson Mandela, I think about how I have always been interested to know more about South Africa. There are many places in the world that I would like to visit. However, my musical instincts keep making me think about South Africa, for the vocal tradition and for the […]

From Brazil to South Africa

Warming up to March 7&8th 2014 concerts of Tamandua and other 3 operas by living composers.   Here is a video from the 2009 performance at MSU.

Warming up to iBOC!